Activity of the Month

December-Playing a Net Rally

In this activity, teacher should start on smaller area and increase difficulty gradually on larger area by using both forehand and backhand net shots (split step, chasse and lunge). Teacher should concentrate on the correct technique (no competitive situation).   Video available in Spanish and French. 

November-Happy Feet

In this activity, the teacher should start with fast feet. Pupils work in groups, face away from teacher or helper. Pupils move ‘on the spot’ – “happy feet”. Teacher gives signal (clap, stamp or whistle) pupils start and move as  quickly as possible in selected direction.   Video available in Spanish and French. 

October-Introduction Net Shots Backhand and Forehand

In this activity, we will learn: Preparation: hold racket out in front of the body (long arm) Backswing: very small with relaxed grip Forward swing: a gentle push over the net with relaxed grip and good finger control Follow through: as small as necessary. Start with backhand, then forehand, then alternately. Practice first without leg […]

September-Balancing Shuttles

In this activity, pupils balance upturned shuttle on their heads whilst walking forward using a basic lunge technique. Teacher can ask the children to balance on one leg and throw and catch shuttle.   Video available in Spanish and French. 

August-Mirror Chase with Throwing

In this activity, pupils remain in pairs facing each other. One pupil holds a bean bag (or shuttle) and is the “leader”. The “leader” throws the bean bag and the “chaser” tries to catch it and return it. To learn more about this activity, watch the video below:   Video available in Spanish and French. 

July-Backhand Thumb Grip with Balloon

In this activity, the children will work with a balloon and a racket, children asked to keep balloon up in the air with back of hand leading and moving up away from the body. In this activity, teacher should encourage creative routine, like standing, on one knee, both knees, sitting or lying down getting back […]